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Launching an ecommerce startup aiming to make a dirty business sustainable.

Hero image of Esembly website designs

Started by a group of experts with an already-flourishing cloth diaper laundering service in NYC, Esembly is a startup brand with a bold mission to change cloth diapers for the better. Our team was tasked with developing the brand identity, product packaging, textile designs, and the brand launch campaign. But most importantly, I was charged with designing and building their new website — a critical component for this ecommerce-only brand whose entire business hinged on the ease and appeal of their online presence.

Sitemap for the Esembly website

As with any strong website, it all started with a strong strategic foundation. I worked with our partners at Esembly to understand their goals and content needs for the site, and then created a sitemap that reflected those priorities. With an abundance of stigma and misinformation around cloth diapering, we prioritized educational content and resources — helping parents to make informed decisions.

Wireframes of the Esembly website

With amazing product and talent photography to display, full-width hero images were designed to show off the products in a big way.

Product page design for the Esembly website

One of the most unique features of the website was the Esemble Your System flow, a custom applet designed to guide parents through the products they’ll need on their newfound diapering journey. This page has resulted in thousands of visitors moving confidently forward knowing they have everything they need to keep their baby’s bum happy.

Wireframes for the "Esemble Your System" flow
Wireframes for the “Esemble Your System” applet.
Design for the "Esemble Your System" flow

Esembly exceeded its goals with their new website from the start, selling over $1M in its first year of business. And since the site’s launch in 2019, I have continued to advise the brand on all things internet — through new product launches, limited edition collections, marketing initiatives, technical integrations, and so much more. 

Esembly, like its end users, still has a whole life ahead of it. But it’s been quite the journey already, and I can’t wait to see where they go from here. 👶

Brand identity and art direction by the talented Kelly Bauernfeind. Product photography by Colleen Guenther, and talent photography by Amanda Pratt.

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