Rethinking the mobile app experience for a leader in home security.

In this project, I:

  • Helped this brand expand their mobile app to include all products across their growing product line
  • Refined their design language to be more modern and include more platform-native styles/interaction patterns
  • Designed the UX and UI for an in-development pet tracker product
  • Brought this design language to the web for the first time, allowing for faster and cleaner development of web-based features/interfaces
Hero image of Arlo app designs

Arlo came to our team in a time of reinvention. Their platform was growing — expanding from just security cameras into smart lights, baby monitors, and even a pet tracking device (which never came to be). With this growth came need for a total rethinking of their mobile app, and how it can better support the full ecosystem.

At the time these designs were created, they featured conventions and patterns (like using a bottom drawer on iOS for editing your camera “routines”) that were either new or not yet standard interactions. This resulted in an app that pushed the boundaries of the existing product while still feeling native and familiar to each platform.

Design for a settings modal within the Arlo web app