• Devils Tower

    client: academic
    timeline: 4 weeks
    challenge: to create a new concept for a board game that incorporates the traditional gameplay of chutes and ladders
    solution: One of the first constraints presented on this project was to avoid creating a vertical game—it's awkward to play around, you can't see where the other players are, etc. Naturally, I decided that limitations are just challenges, if you're stubborn enough. I created Devils Tower (there's no apostrophe, I promise) after the natural monument of the same name, and sought to solve all the addressed issues of a vertical board game. Players must ascend the tower to reach the top, collect their horns, and climb back down. However, some levels have arrows that force the player to move up or down a number of spaces—which, depending on whether the player is ascending or descending, can be a stroke of luck or a major setback. The action of splitting the structure to insert your totem ensures your player is always visible from any side, and eliminates any need for awkwardly reaching around the game. Sturdiness was not an issue either, as the weighty material and solid base create a tower (nearly) as sound as the monolith from which it is inspired.