• nōsh it.

    nōsh it. Pet Food is for the pet owner that cares what their furry friends eat. The products are free of grains and rendered meats, and are even human-grade (because if you wouldn’t eat it, why should they?). A cast of animated characters illustrate the fact that pets often have just as much (or more) personality as their owners.
  • The Bee: An American Hero

    This is a special stamp release by the USPS that explores a few of the many types of bee important to American agriculture. Each stamp features a different bee species, along with one crop they are responsible for pollinating. The series features a commemorative collector’s sheet for each stamp, a set of pre-stamped envelopes, and a pack of collector booklets that explore each bee in-depth.
  • Student Government Association

    The FHSU Student Government Association contacted me looking to give their existing website a facelift—but what they really needed was a complete overhaul. Disorganized and dysfunctional menus, an unfriendly interface, and a difficult publishing platform plagued the site, so the SGA and I worked to create a new website that served the students as it was always meant to. The main content of the site was given a hierarchy that became a cleaner, more organized main menu; news and updates were given their own sector to live, and sortable categories were assigned. The new site was designed with mobile in mind—a completely responsive layout that utilizes a collapsed menu and condensed visual elements was born.
  • American Democracy Project

    A series of posters created for our History of Graphic Design Poster Exhibition, in conjunction with the American Democracy Project. Each poster is designed in a different historically significant style or school of design. The topics covered were up to personal choice, provided they covered a social or political issue of today. In these posters, I chose to cover an array of issues in varying degrees of acuteness, from government involvement to mental health stigma to adoption.
  • Devils Tower

    Devils Tower is a vertical race-to-the-finish board game. Players must ascend the tower to reach the top, collect their horns, and climb back down. However, some levels have arrows that force the player to move up or down a number of spaces—which, depending on whether the player is ascending or descending, can be a stroke of luck or a major setback.
  • Tennis | Young & Old

    This collector’s edition of lo-fi rock band Tennis’ sophomore album Young & Old visually explores the concepts presented in the album through a series of geophysical journeys. The design takes inspiration from prolific designer Charles Anderson, who has an appreciation for nostalgia and ephemera, as well as exploration and experimentation, equal to the band’s.